Dwight Henry has been cooking soul-food lunches and handcrafted sweet treats for years. Mister Henry, as customers fondly call him, grew up in the Lower Ninth Ward. In eleventh grade, he got a job working at the neighborhood bakery, Rising Sunrise. He has been baking ever since.

After two decades of working in various bakeries, Mister Henry was finally able to realize his dream, and open his own shop, Henry’s Bakery. It soon became a local hit. After Hurricane Katrina flooded the building, Mister Henry wondered whether or not he should re-open. But he couldn’t keep from baking.

When he finally re-opened, people lined up down the block. Today, people are still lined up, eager to taste a unique mix of innovation, tradition and Mister Henry’s love — king cakes for Carnival Season, raison squares and, perhaps most beloved of all, buttermilk drops.